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This section is suppose to me about me but really it is about YOU!!!!



I will get to a bit more about me in a moment because this is really about you.  You are seeking help for something you are desiring some support, guidance and assistance with. It is great you have taken this initial step! While I am not the therapist for everybody, I do feel confident and passionate about helping those that are wanting to improve their self-care and emotional well-being.  Have you got to the point in your life realizing something has to change, things have got to get better?  You may not even know how, when or why things changed but you know you are not happy or feeling your best right now.  You may be putting so much time and care into others that you often find yourself on the "back burner".  Well let me tell you, eventually you will burn out.  Putting your emotional well-being as a priority and helping you get to a place of improving your self-care is a large part about me and what I enjoy working with clients on.

Providing a relaxed, comfortable environment for you is essential.  I do not use alot of psycho babel.  I am known for being down to earth, open, non-judgmental and helping clients feel at ease to discuss their thoughts and feelings in a safe place.  I utilize more of a cognitive behavioral therapy model which just means the way we think, feel and behave are connected and working on an area can also help impact the other areas.  

Now a bit about my professional background so you know that I do have an education, license and experience.

I am Letrisha Walker, a Licensed Professional Counselor.  I attended Northwestern State University receiving a BS in Psychology in 2000 and MA in Counseling in 2003.  I became Licensed in 2005 through the Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselor Board. License #3111

Over the years I gained experience working in Community Mental Health, A Girls Adolescent Facility, Online Platforms and my own Private Practice.  In Private Practice for over 10 years I enjoy working with clients dealing with "life issues" and providing support and guidance helping them get to a better place.

While I provide guidance through life issues such as  overall emotional health, depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, self-care, relationships (parent-child,family/couples), trauma and grief it is important to note not all clients meet a mental health diagnosis and just need more of support and guidance in making an improvement in an area of their life, making a decision or clarifying/ achieving personal/professional goals.  Whatever your "life issue", taking care of you is essential!!!!

I also offer services online to help with convenience and comfort from your own space.  This is done through a private, secure online video link. For FAQ click here.

I look forward to working with you!!!!

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